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Buttons for Black History Month

It's still Black History Month in the library!!! Come make a custom-made black history month button you can wear proudly on Tuesday at lunch in the library. Ms Brannigan will be there to help you create your own glossy button to celebrate Black History!

Samosa Sale Wednesday

Biz is going to have a Samosa sale on Wednesday 28th during lunch. 1 samosa for $0.75 or 2 samosas for a $1. (200 samosas will be on sale, make sure to show up before they all gone)

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Stephen Leacock Collegiate Institute provides an excellent educational experience in an atmosphere of understanding and mutual respect; the staff is dedicated to providing an educational program with high expectations for student success. Leacock has an excellent academic program, and we are very proud of our consistently high rankings and scores in Canadian and international science and mathematics contests. We offer a range of computer courses in mathematics, business and technology.

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