Assessment & Evaluation

General Information on Assessment & Evaluation

On every report card, students are evaluated on six learning skills and work habits separately from their mark. They identify the student's strengths and the areas in which improvements are needed.

The six learning skills and work habits are: responsibility, organization, independent work, collaboration, initiative, and self regulation.
The learning skills and work habits are evaluated and reported as follows: E – Excellent, G – Good, S – Satisfactory, N – Needs Improvement.

Ongoing assessment will occur to allow students the opportunity to be successful. Students will be evaluated in four categories of the achievement chart. The four categories are: knowledge, thinking/inquiry, communication, and application.

Assessment and Evaluation
Seventy percent of the grade will be based on assessments conducted throughout the course. This portion of the grade reflects the student's most consistent level of achievement throughout the course, although special consideration is given to more recent evidence of achievement.

70% = Course Work - specify types of assessment (i.e. Tests, labs) - specify category (i.e. Knowledge, Thinking) Final Summative Evaluation: 30%= Culminating Activities –specify types (i.e. 20% final exam, 10% seminar)

Mark Breakdown:

Categories of Assessment for Term Percent (%)
Knowledge and Understanding (K/U) 17.5
Application (A) 17.5
Communication (C) 17.5
Thinking and Inquiry (T/I) 17.5
Total Marks 70







  Methods of Evaluation Percent
Term Tests  (K/U, A, C, T/I)  
Term Quizzes (K/U, A, C, T/I)  
Term Journals/Assignments (A, C, T/I)  
  Total Term Marks 70
Final ISU Project (K/U, A, C, T/I)  
Final Exam (K/U, A, C, T/I)  
  Total Final Marks 30
  Total 100









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