Code of Behaviour

As members of Stephen Leacock, we share the right to a safe school and a supportive learning environment for the pursuit of academic and co-curricular excellence. All students have the right to get an education which suits their needs and abilities. Students have the responsibility not to interfere with the learning environment of others. Each student and staff member in the Leacock community is entitled to respectful treatment with regard to nationality, religion, gender and exceptionalities.

Behavioural Guidelines

We Value Attendance
You are required to:
  • Attend every class
  • Attend school-wide activities/assemblies
We Value Punctuality
You are required to:
  • Be on time for classes and assemblies
  • Return to class promptly, if excused
  • Return all library resource material on time
We Value Being Prepared
You are required to:
  • Arrive in all classes with all necessary books and materials
  • Complete all homework assigned
  • Complete all assignments missed due to other school activities (sports excursions, etc.)
We Respect Authority
You are required to:
  • To have SAC/SIC card visible at all time during the school day
  • No headgear allowed in school (including portables) with the exception for religious observance
  • Co-operate by stopping and listening when addressed by a staff member
  • Leave the school property promptly at the end of the school day unless participating in a supervised activity
  • Be respectful and polite to all people who work in the school
  • Maintain a correct address and correct set of telephone numbers for the office
We Respect Property
You are expected to:
  • Take good care of all course materials and equipment
  • Respect public property, including all furniture and lockers
  • Report to any member of staff every misuse and/or damage to school property
  • Respect the property of others
  • Place all garbage in the appropriate containers
  • Consume all food and drinks in the cafeteria, outside the building or in a classroom supervised by a teacher
  • Smoke only on the public sidewalk along Birchmount Road
  • Use the internet for educational purposes only
  • Never tamper with fire alarms or other safety equipment
We Respect Ourselves
You are expected to:
  • Attend school free from the influence of drugs or alcohol; you are forbidden to use such substance in school, on school property or during any school-sponsored event
  • Wear clothing that is neither offensive nor degrading
  • Take responsibility for your own learning accomplishments
  • Never engage in illegal activities such as gambling, extortion and harassment
We Respect Others
You are expected to:
  • Treat staff and students with dignity, courtesy and respect
  • Refrain from all physical contact: pushing, shoving, kicking, play fighting
  • Refrain from bullying, sexual touching and sexual and verbal harassment
  • Refrain from using cell phones, pagers and laser pointers in the building
  • Respect the property of John Buchan Sr. Public School
  • Comply with the intent of the Board’s Safe Schools Policy

Student Crime Stoppers 222-TIPS
Student Hot Line (416) 396-8013. “PRESS” 5
You have the right to a safe school!

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