Expectations of Students

1. Have your student I.D. card visible at all times.
2. Be in your class on time. Get all necessary materials for each class during your break time.
3. Do not ask to be excused from class unless it is an emergency.
4. If you must use the washroom, get your teacher’s permission and go quickly there and back. Your teacher has the right to refuse if you abuse the privilege.
5. If you need to see a Guidance Counsellor, make an appointment before or after school or during the lunch period. Show your slip to your teacher to be excused for your appointment.
6. Sign in and out through the main office. Do not leave school without doing so.
7. Have a properly signed note when coming back from an absence. Show the note to your teachers for their signature, and then hand it in to the office at the end of the day.
8. If you have a study period on your timetable, go to the Resource Centre or the foyer for quiet study.
9. Consume all food and drink only in the cafeteria.

Academic halls are out of bounds during class time

Consequences for Failing to Meet Expectations
Consequences given by the principal/vice-principals will take into account:
  • The seriousness of the incident
  • Previous discipline problems with the student
  • The student’s age
  • The effect of previous discipline
In some cases the consequence is clearly stated in the TDSB Code of Conduct:
One or more of the following may occur when students breach the code of Behaviour:
  • Interview by appropriate school personnel
  • Parent/guardian involvement
  • Removal of privileges
  • Detention
  • Temporary withdrawal from classes or school
  • Suspension from school
  • Payment for damages to property, to the Board, or to an individual
  • Recommendation for limited expulsion
  • Involvement of police
  • Recommendation for full expulsion by the Board

Student Crime Stoppers 222-TIPS
Student Hot Line (416) 396-8013. “PRESS” 5
You have the right to a safe school!

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