In its almost 45 year history, literally thousands of students have passed through the hallowed doors of the LTV studios.  Here are just a few recent comments:

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"GREAT GREAT GREAT !!! BEST TEACHER ! I learnt a lot from him ! And he is the one who gave me a new direction of a career pathway ! He is extremely knowledgeable and a professional at his work. I am very very lucky to have him as a teacher ! I hope I have him again in the near future possibly 2012 and 13."

"Great teacher, great class, one of the very few classes where I can say I appreciated the experience, enjoyed the work, and enjoyed the teacher."

"This is a great course for those who WANT to take it, and would recommend it. I learned a lot from this course and hope to further it by taking the grade 12 TV course."

"I'm really glad that I decided to take this course."

"This was a fun course and I was able to learn a lot."

"Epic Class, epic class-mates, epic teacher!"


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